philosophy mind map

Imagination, Art & Design

I am a creative and visually oriented person, fascinated by our perception of the world around us and our desire to see and create beauty in it.I started my career as a landscape architect. After moving to the United Stated from my home country The Netherlands, I shifted my focus to art and graphic design.

As a designer and artist I consider the imagination to be the key to my approach. I visualize thoughts and dreams and provide them with a physical form that can be interpreted, loved, treasured and yes, maybe even hated, by anyone who chooses to interact. Through my work, I hope to connect, engage, and inspire people. Providing the world with countless creative discoveries.

Web design is the latest addition to my portfolio. Being completely new to coding, I was (and still am) intrigued by creating something visual through text input. I truly enjoy exploring and mastering this new art form.